Styling your Family Session

Deciding on a color scheme and wardrobe can be one of the more stressful aspects of planning your upcoming  photoshoot.  Here is some helpful advice for choosing what to wear on picture day.   

Styling image 1- Melissa Tara Photography

Styling Advice:


  • choose a color scheme of 3-4 colors for everyone's outfits
  • choose one or two people out of the group to have patterns on their shirts or dresses (plaids, lace, etc.)
  • iron or steam everyone's outfits - no wrinkles
  • wear clean/new shoes
  • professional hair and makeup, mani/pedi for ladies
  • fresh haircut for men and boys


  • overdo patterns
  • avoid neons 
  • avoid very tight, short dresses
  • less is more when it comes to accessories - earrings and a necklace are perfect. limit the number of rings to one or two fingers
  • no hair ties on wrists 


Things to bring:


  • brush and/or comb for fixing hair during your photo shoot
  • gel or hairspray
  • wipes for children's noses or hands (just in case)
  • candy or a favorite sneak/treat as a bribe for little children to keep them engaged and smiling