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Newborn Session Prep Guide

in order to ensure a sleepy, soothed baby for the photoshoot, here are some guidelines/tips to follow the day of the shoot:

  • stimulate/play with baby for about two hours prior to the session so they are ready to sleep by the time you arrive

  • be prepared to feed baby during session if need be

  • bring a pacifier to soothe the baby if fussy - even if you don’t plan to use one with your child, it can be helpful during the shoot to calm the baby down

  • I keep the room around 80+ degrees for the comfort of your newborn - please dress accordingly as it will be warm

  • Siblings are always welcome at the shoot, although I like to take family and sibling photos first so that child(ren) are able to leave with dad or another adult while we quietly work with baby

San Diego clients - since I do these sessions in your home, please set the thermostat to 80 degrees about 30 minutes prior to me arriving to warm the house. Temps under 80 degrees can lead to an unsettled baby and cause baby to wake up while we’re changing wraps and positions.